Why do an engagement session?

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Why do an engagement session?

An engagement session serves to release the stress of wedding preparations. An engagement session is a couple photo session, carried out a few weeks or a few months before your wedding day. For me, it is above all giving you a break. A bubble of oxygen to recharge your batteries and be more comfortable in front of the lens. You will see how much we laugh and have fun in a photo shoot!

Why do an engagement session?

In the race for preparations, you will take a break. 

The engagement session is for you. It is a photo session of your couple, which we will carry out a few weeks or a few months before your wedding. Each couple of lovers comes out conquered by this experience. Here's why to do an engagement session:

Drowned with tips and pinterest boards, your engagement session is really an opportunity to cut off from everyday life to find you both. A simple and privileged moment, filled with tenderness and complicity.

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Indispensable, the engagement session is offered to my bride and groom and has only advantages:

  • It allows you to get to know your photographer
  • It allows you to familiarize yourself with the objective to completely forget about it on your wedding day.
  • It builds trust and builds friendships
  • You have fun and forget the stress!
  • And you are reassured about your beauty in front of the lens

More upsides:

  • Your beautiful photos will be perfect for your invitations, save the date or wedding guest book! And to remind you how much you love each other.


Take time for both of you. A walk in a place that is close to your heart. From one hour of shooting or over two days for photo shoots carried out abroad, this first engagement session is a must in the adventure of your marriage !


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We shared a magical moment thanks to Mégane. A perfect engagement session, at the top of the Vosges. An experience for two, far from everything, which, thanks to his talent, will remain forever engraved. His discretion and his professionalism go hand in hand, he is an exceptional person, we are happy to have met him and to have made him the photographer of our future wedding. - Cynthia



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